If you have installed Internet Explorer 7 or higher, there is a built-in tool called the "content advisor" that allows you to block or allow various websites.  There are many microsoft support articles on the internet on how to use this tool.  If you have a home network, we can install a special router that allows you to program the internet to shut off at different times of the day, which blocks anyone in the home from using the internet on your desired schedule.  There are also many softwares available at local retailers that will allow you to set parental controls and filters.

There are tools called "keyloggers."  They can be installed on your computer and will send, to your email, a log of sites visited, screenshots, login and passwords to sites visited, an outline of all chat sessions.  These are truly big-brother and work wonderfully.  These can be a wonderful tool for a parent to protect their child.  Per Texas state guidelines we must inform you when installing keyloggers that Mr. Computer is not a licensed private detective agency and can function in no capacity to monitor the behavior of any person/s using your computers.  We can install the keylogger and train on usage but any other monitoring should be done by yourself or a licensed Private Detective Agency.